This beautiful trail route for Penycloddiau & Coed Llangwyfan is one of our local favourites. Just shy of 5 miles and less than 1,000ft of ascent mean it’s a popular choice for “work days” when we just need an hour or two of fresh air.

We often head here with family and friends as well, the trails are really comfortable and there’s only one real uphill for the less experienced to tackle.

Coed Llangwyfan is a wonderful blend of evergreens and native trees that looks stunning all year round, although we particularly love it in autumn when the golden browns and oranges really stand out.

Distance 4.9 miles

Time 2 hours (walking) 45 mins (running)

Total Ascent 953ft

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Summits Penycloddiau

Views the Vale of Clwyd, all of Flintshire and out towards the North Wales coast.


Penycloddiau & Coed Llangwyfan 3D Map



1. This North Wales Hiking Route starts at Coed Llangwyfan public car park and wanders immediately downhill into the dense woodland. This beautiful track sweeps through the trees and eventually opens up to the first great view of the Vale of Clwyd.


2. A farm track wraps around the lower slopes of Penycloddiau itself, passing through a number of gates. Eventually there’s a sharp right that meets the Offa’s Dyke path and heads up to Penycloddiau summit.


3. Penycloddiau summit has fantastic 360 degree panoramic views and is a great place for a coffee break to soak in the surroundings.


4. From the summit the path heads south east down a wide grassy hill path to a wooden stile overlooking the forest. The path from here to what we affectionately call the “Pissed Trees” is absolutely sublime and the highlight of the entire walk. There’s a handful of broken dry stone walls to fashion a seat and look out over the vast landscape. After here it’s a short wander through the trees back to the car park.



Coed Llangwyfan Forest Aerial Photo | The Frozen Divide


Moel Famau from Penycloddiau | The Frozen Divide



Coed Llangwyfan path to Penycloddiau summit | The Frozen Divide


Coed Llangwyfan in February 2017



Video highlights of this trail route

Lovely snow filled afternoon doing this North Wales hiking trail route in February 2019.


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