The Frozen Divide Ltd provide Marketing Consultancy and Digital Media Representation Services including website design, search engine optimisation, blog writing, content creation and social media management for both Instagram and Pinterest.

Our proven track record is why the current client base includes one of the largest charitable organisations in the UK, a multi million selling manufacturer and a host of independent businesses within the Leisure & Tourism industry.

References, work examples and testimonials for our Media Representation Services can be provided on request.

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Media Representation Services

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Brochure and E-commerce Website Design on WordPress CMS, the world’s most well known and widely used platform.

All our websites are fully responsive for mobiles and tablets, and we design with user experience firmly in mind.

Full control of the website is passed to our clients on sign off and no ongoing fee is required.

We have our own private server for Web Hosting, with 24 hour back ups, although this is entirely optional and we do support some third party hosting.

Strategy and Consultancy for clients wishing to increase their brand presence on Instagram and Pinterest social media channels.

Instagram and Pinterest are both fantastic ways to reach new customers and also drive more traffic to a business website.

We are experienced and proven at producing engaging social media content.

Great SEO means a host of different things to different people, but we believe Search Engine Optimisation means using our clients’ Unique Selling Points to increase their search results rankings, simple as that.

We utilise a number of tasks, including copy writing, outreach and link building, to fine tune websites and use our clients’ key skills drive relevant high quality organic traffic.

We love creating content and we love writing blog posts, check out our own huge archive of forests, mountains, lakes & abandoned places for just one example.

Creating consistently high quality content can be a real challenge for many businesses, we fill that gap for our clients.

We’ve created unique Outdoor Product Images for some of the biggest brands in the outdoor and adventure industry, as well as offering Free Product Images for smaller and independent outdoor businesses.

We often work White Label, producing work without any need for public credit or royalties, and are used to signing NDA documents.

Our joint business Instagram account, @tfddotcom, features Gear We Use as well as lots more images and video content.

We work remotely, meaning we don’t have offices and associated running costs. 

This is cost effective for our clients, as they pay directly for the time we spend working on their projects.

We are experienced at dove tailing with in house teams and enjoy creating great working relationships.