Maes Mynan Hall

Maes Mynan Hall is a former country house in North Wales, constructed first in the mid 19th century with various modern adaptations and amendments.

It was predominantly used as a care home until 2013 when it shut its doors for the final time and has stood abandoned ever since. Items from its life as a care home still remain, such as blood vials in the medicine room, tinned food in the kitchen storage and many of the mobility frames and chairs.

Hundreds of photographs of residents of the care home have been left carelessly around the building, as well as medical prescriptions, drug records for patients and a death book containing notes on all those who lost their lives here. A complaint letter from Social Services to the presiding GP doctor is still in one room, possibly an indication of why the home closed its doors so suddenly.

The last auction guide price for Maes Mynan Hall was just £200,000, which appears very low, given that it’s sited in 2.5 acres of lovely woodland and the house itself has around 50 rooms. The last owners talked publicly about turning the house into an event location, but nothing more has been promoted since April 2018 on that issue.

Maes Mynan Hall | The Frozen Divide 04

Sun terrace at the front of Maes Mynan Hall.

Stairs to the attic space.

Mobility frame.

List of patient names and medical details.

Blood vials in the medical room.

Vacant bedroom, perscriptions over the floor.

Death book – recordings of all patient deaths in the care home.

Abandoned electrical equipment.

Kitchen stores, still with tinned and jarred foods on the shelves.

Creepy medical screen left in one room.

Remnants of a Christmas party, and flag waving bullshit.

Maes Mynan Hall | The Frozen Divide 08

Wheelchair and wardrobe in a vacant bedroom.

Maes Mynan Hall from the front.

Personal belongings including family photographs.

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