Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m

At the point of writing, July 2019, we’ve had this Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m about 2 months and we’re doing more and more with it every week.

We’re not part of the climbing community, where slackline was made popular, so this sport has never really been on our radar. We simply watched some slacklining videos on YouTube and Instagram and fancied having a go at it.

After minimal googling the Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m seemed a well rated beginner slackline kit so we got one for about £25 from Amazon.

We’ve had so much fun with this slackline, taking it to loads of forests across North Wales and spending hours just getting to grips with the basics. It’s already pushing us physically and mentally to do more, higher and longer.

Macaco Slackline in a forest | The Frozen Divide


Out the box there’s a ratchet attached to one strap, a longer strap for the opposite tree, two tree protectors, a bit of paperwork and a basic how to guide, all packed in a nice cotton bag (yay no plastic!).

Set Up

It doesn’t take too long at all to get the hang of setting the Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m up; pick two trees a desired distance apart and attach the ratchet to one.

The long line wraps around the other and feeds into the ratchet, there’s a couple of felt tree protectors that slip under the line before applying the tension.