Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m

At the point of writing, May 2020, we’re just entering our second summer with the Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m. We’re not part of the climbing community, where slackline was made popular, so this sport was never really on our radar. We simply watched some slacklining videos on YouTube and Instagram, fancied having a go at it and loved it!

After minimal googling the Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m seemed a well rated beginner slackline kit, we picked one up for about £25 from Amazon. We had so much fun with it in summer 2019, heading to our local parks and forests and getting to grips with the basics. There’s very little equipment to carry and the set up/pack down time is minimal, which makes last minute sessions easy and hassle free.

Slacklining isn’t easy to begin with, particularly when you don’t come from a rope climbing background. Wobbling about on a narrow piece of fabric isn’t the most natural experience at first, and it took us multiple sessions to start fully crossing the line at around 10 to 12 foot. Our mountain running and yoga skills definitely help, slacklining works the legs and core incredibly hard and to begin with an hour long session felt pretty heavy.

A month or so into the good weather of 2020 and we’re starting to push comfortably towards walking the entire 16 metres of our Macaco slacklines. Our progress this summer has been much quicker than last, pushing each other to rig the line longer and longer. The longest we’ve done to date is 43ft, only about 4ft off the ground but still a fair minute or two of solid concentration and great sense of achievement on each successful crossing.

This quick video is from a beautiful sunlit afternoon practice in our favourite local forest during the Coronavirus lockdown. Luckily this space is only a short walk (or very quick bike ride) from home and situated on private land, we’ve been fortunate to use it throughout these strange times.

Macaco Slackline Set Up

It doesn’t take too long at all to get the hang of setting the Macaco Slackline 50mmx16m up; pick two trees a desired distance apart and attach the ratchet to one. The long line wraps around the other and feeds into the ratchet, there’s a couple of felt tree protectors that slip under the line before applying the tension. We initially made the rookie mistake of cranking up the tension pretty high, thinking that would make things easier. With hindsight we should’ve persisted with the slacker line from the beginning, once we got the hang of balancing it’s without doubt become less effort on the legs to work with the looser line.

Slackline Unboxing

Out the box there’s a ratchet attached to one strap, a longer strap for the opposite tree, two tree protectors, a bit of paperwork and a basic how to guide, all packed in a nice cotton bag (yay no plastic!).