LaSportiva Mutant Trainers

LaSportiva Mutant trainers are lightweight comfortable mountain running footwear with heavy duty treads and soft soles to fully feel the trails.

We haven’t yet found a trainer to match the Mutant that covers every type of weather & surface with ease. They’re not perfect, but a lot closer to that than anything we’ve tried.

What We Like

Really lightweight and flexible, allowing a huge amount of control and sensitivity over uneven terrain. They feel incredible, very close to barefoot for a standard trainer shape.

The lace system is amazing, with the simple side-lace up area that gets covered by mesh the LaSportiva Mutants very very rarely come undone.

We both have slim narrow feet and the Mutants definitely suit these dimensions, the body of the trainers really hugs the entire foot when laced up correctly.

Out of the box the grip on the sole is insane, and it lasts that way for a good couple of months. Even worn down they still offer more than most of the competition, but we both tend to trust them a little less after a few months.

We Don’t Like

Every single pair we’ve had comes apart at the toe protector end after about 3/4 months of hard use (we’re outdoors 4/5 days a week).

Similarly the mesh always rips open on the little toe side, around the same time the toe protectors fail.

We have to be mindful of what socks we wear with them – we both usually wear trainer socks, regardless of weather conditions, but some sock brands, Karrimor is one that comes to mind, seem to work against the heels in the LaSportiva Mutants. We’ve found the  less protected the sock is, the more comfortable it becomes with these trainers.

They cost around £110, so it’s a fairly expensive hobby to keep replacing them every 3/4 months. We spend more on these trainers than all the rest of the gear we use.

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LaSportiva Mutant Mountain Running Trainers

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