Kush is our blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Born in June 2021, this post documents his journey through life with us in the woodlands, mountains, lakes & rivers of North Wales and is regularly updated with new content.

Kush’s Lineage

Kush is the son of Beau and Chase. Mum Beau has the same colouring and markings as Kush but dad Chase is all white. Kush came from a litter of eight puppies with seven boys and one girl. Only Kush and one of his brothers are blue like their mum, the other six puppies are mostly white with small blue markings.

8 to 12 Weeks Old

We carried Kush in a special dog rucksack from 8 weeks old, gradually let him have more time down on the ground to imprint the Welsh mountains on him, also with the important task of teaching him respect for livestock as early in his life as possible. By 12 weeks old he’d wandered with us around the Ogwen Valley, Arenig Fawr, seen multiple sunsets on the Carneddau mountains and also walked a number of the Clwydian hills.

3 to 6 Months

Kush seemed to grow so fast during this time, some mornings it felt like he’d grown up overnight. Too big to go in the dog rucksack, we had to seriously reduce our weekly mileage and stay away from the mountain summits to help Kush get stronger and more confident. Still visiting our favourite areas, we worked on short low to mid level mountain walks where we could get plenty of shelter and rest stops.

6 To 9 Months

Kush kept up the pace of growth he’d picked up in the previous three months, although he filled out more in this quarter. The head splitting has begun in earnest and that magical wide staffy smile keeps getting bigger.