Moel Famau

The peak that stands between where we both grew up, Moel Famau is an iconic hill in North Wales, the highest summit in the Clwydian Range.… Read More

Bodnant Gardens

Bodnant Gardens is one of the best kept public gardens in North Wales, with a diverse range of trees, flowers and a wonderful population of bees.… Read More


The popular town of Llangollen is a great base for exploring a multitude of hiking and running trails in the surrounding hills and forests.… Read More

Chemical Factory

Exploring the Octel/Great Lakes Chemical Factory in Anglesey, North Wales. Abandoned since 2004 this enormous works is mostly still standing.… Read More

Penrhyn Castle

Penrhyn Castle has an interesting history of development, with structural details unlike most Welsh castles. … Read More

Offa’s Dyke

Offa’s Dyke is an ancient earthworks and of signficant cultural interest. 177 miles long it divided Anglian Mercia & the Welsh kingdom of Powys.… Read More

Llandulas Beach

Llandulas Beach is a short stretch along the North Wales coast, with fun boulders to play and fantastic light for both sunrise and sunset.… Read More

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