Cadair Berwyn

At 2,720ft Cadair Berwyn falls just short of making the Welsh 3,000s list, but it’s the highest point in Wales outside the National Parks and offers some calf burning hill walking and fantastic views. Some sections have boardwalk planks, but the majority of routes are across very wet boggy ground, wet feet city even in the height of summer.

Cadair Berwyn Trail Route

Our favourite circular hiking and running route to the summit of Cadair Berwyn, with it’s amazing views of the sweeping Welsh landscape. It begins with some lowland & forest, before heading to the hills across fern drenched land. There’s a great stone circle to relax in just off the summit and the trail back down has an enormous view for miles into the distance.

Distance 8.5 miles

Time 4 hours (walking)

Total Ascent 2,326ft

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Summits Cadair Bronwen, Cadair Berwyn, Moel Sych


Cadair Berwyn 3D Map | The Frozen Divide

1. Parking is a small turning circle near the end of a dead end road, from which there’s a fairly steep uphill section which eventually opens out into the Berwyn valley. The ground is really wet from here on, following the mountain stream towards it’s source on the ridge straight ahead.

2. Cadair Bronwen is a short detour on reaching the ridge, doubling back and on to Berwyn after a series of false summit disappointments for the legs. The stone circle is just a short distance further on, halfway to neighbouring summit Moel Sych.

3. The decent is a wet marshy trail that follows the valley to the start, with incredible views all the way down.

Cadair Berwyn Photo Gallery

Some of our memories from trips to Cadair Berwyn mountain.