Biolite Campstove

The Biolite Campstove is an integral part of our staying out kit, with it’s smokeless fire, ability to function on twigs and charge phones. The design of the Biolite Campstove is truly ingenious, with two units that clip together easily (no tools required). The orange control unit fits inside the chrome firepit when not in use, making it easy to stow away in our back packs.

It functions on pretty much anything dry and burnable – twigs, seeds, cones, etc – and reduces everything to a tiny pile of ash that blows away once cool. The power control makes it easy to cook food on lower temperatures, while the highest setting boils water for a brew in no time.

Over time we’ve found that we tend to use the Biolite in conjunction with a simple gas stove for cooking full meals. The only thing the Biolite struggles with is staying at a simmering temperature, so the gas stove wins for leaving curry to sit for half an hour or cooking rice, as just two examples.

Biolite Campstove Key Features

  • Lightweight & portable
  • No special fuel required
  • Charges itself when in use & electronic devices via USB
  • Extremely durable

Eco Friendly

The biggest advantage of the Biolite over gas is of course it’s eco credentials. Using natural fuels only means there’s no plastics, no packaging and no empty gas bottles.

Unboxing the Biolite Campstove

It’s a pretty modest list – the campstove itself (control unit & firepit), USB charger lead, carry bag and USB LED light. The USB light is the only part of the kit we found to be poorly made, ours broke within the first couple of months of use.